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Highly-customisable digital integrated mental health engagement platforms based around professionally-managed peer support communities. These offer optimised self-management of healthcare through personalisation, driven by algorithms that generate support and recovery pathways tailored to the individual.

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Helping organisations achieve big results

Commissioned by organisations serving 29% of adults

  • 57% recovery rate from BWW LiveTherapy service (UK target: 50%)
  • Almost half of members share an issue for the first time
  • 70% report improved wellbeing
  • Using BWW is estimated to create up to £38,000 in direct healthcare savings for each 100 six month subscriptions

Digital personalised pathways


  • Self-assess with a range of clinical measures for mental health and wellbeing
  • Set and track goals
  • Personalised pathways to achieve goals


  • Prescribe direct into with 67% take up
  • Self-referral 73% of members talk about their troubles for the first time
  • 66% would not normally have sought help for a mental health issue

Support Network

  • Trained professional staff 24/7
  • Creative self-expression
  • Community, group and 1:1
  • Peer therapy
  • Clinical tests to track progress
  • Broad range of self-care resources

Guided Support

  • Guided self-care programs
  • Evidence-based
  • For physical and mental health, including co-morbid issues
  • Weight management, smoking cessation, anxiety, depression, and other topics

Live Therapy

  • Offers text, audio and video sessions on a secure platform
  • Outsource to BWW's accredited therapist pool
  • Use your own clinicians, trained and hosted by BWW


  • Track results through BWW Pro
  • View outcomes 24/7
  • Create reports